download caps

  IClaudio 21:17 24 Nov 10

I've just signed up for BT Infinity, which gives me 38 (count 'em!) Meg of download... at the same time, capping me at a 40gig download. I don't do much downloading, just the occasional iPlayer episode. But I do a lot of online gaming (MoH mostly...), how does this impact on the download quotient? Am I using up several gigs every half hour I'm online?

  IClaudio 21:20 24 Nov 10

Oh, I wish there was an Edit function on this forum!

What I meant to say was, the download speed is estimated at 38Meg... and I can download 40gig of data each month.

  gengiscant 06:32 25 Nov 10

Found this elsewhere;
10KB x 60secs (1minute) is 600KB -- 1minute of play.
600KB x 60mins (1hour) is 36MB -- 1hour of play.
So if your always raiding (highest data usage) 1GB of data would give you 28 hours of play while in-combat, but thats always sustained peak download speed for every second, which doesnt happen.

So an hour gaming online uses less than a hour watching videos on Youtube.

So your 40GB limit should be more than enough.

  IClaudio 09:17 25 Nov 10

Very succint, gengis and thanks!


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