Doom 4,officially announced

  mrwoowoo 28 Jun 08

Ok,they've only just started hiring,but nice to know it's on the way.
Thoroughly enjoyed Doom 3.
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  crosstrainer 29 Jun 08

Something to look forward to.....I've run out of games now :( and nobody here seems interested in flying :(

I'm so depressed....Withdrawal symptoms!

Have you tried alone in the dark yet?

  Armchair 29 Jun 08

Hmmmm, never really got into Doom 3 much. Poorly designed gameplay, imo. Could have been a fun game, but it isn't really.

  mrwoowoo 29 Jun 08

I intend to get Alone in the dark in a few weeks or so as i've got about 5 games on the go.Must get a few of those finished first.I'll let you know what i think in the Alone in the dark thread.
Looking at future up and coming release dates it certainly is very gloomy indeed.I can't see anything half decent on the horizon for several months.Now i'm depressed )))O:!

  Colin 29 Jun 08

Wasn't too impressed with Doom 3 - great graphics but having to listen to recordings and write down codes from consoles got in the way of blasting the c**p out of aliens. I much preferred Quake 4 which I've just played again after a 12 month absence.

  grey george 29 Jun 08

Doom 3 was rubbish a lot of the action was almost pitch black very linear and repetitive. Doom 2 was such a revelation when it first came out on pc, that was best bit about doom 3 for xbox that you got the old doom as well. Lets hope number 4 breaks new ground again.

  superhoops 30 Jun 08

Doom 3 was the most boring game I have ever played. Started off ok, but after the five hundreth alien had jumped out from a dark corner I was thoroughly bored with it. Every level looked exactly the same as well. I uninstalled and binned the disc after I got about half way through.


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