Do RTS games involve strategy?

  gloombucket 19 Jun 08

I'm wondering if the name 'Real Time Strategy' is wrong, the ones I've played involve tactics at best, and at worst you win by clicking quickly and not too inaccurately. At present I'm making do with Praetorians which is fun but too fast for an old gloombucket like me, and while I can't blame the authors for having it classified as RTS it seems to be strategy free. Any thoughts?

  citadel 19 Jun 08

have you tried the turn-based strategy such as medieval total war as strategy is more important. you can use diplomacy etc, to gain ground. plus the are great battles when you take to the field.

  DrScott 19 Jun 08

try any of the Total War series.

Or even Civilisation IV.

Strategy galore.

  AllThumbs 20 Jun 08

First off, I'm not sure that Civ can be classified an RTS. It's turn based after all, not Real Time.

I think the RTS games do on the whole include strategy but combine it with speed of thought and an ability to juggle information.
World in Conflict is a prime example of a recent real time strategy game that requires serious application of resource management alongside battle tactics, fast clicking will get you nothing but dead soldiers rather quickly.

If you're looking for tactics without the realtime element then try Naked War click here or LaserSquadNemesis click here both of which are war by email games and give a good if frustrating accounting of themselves.

  gloombucket 20 Jun 08

Thanks for the tips. For tactics I like Combat Mission.
click here_(computer_game_series)

  Armchair 20 Jun 08

My favourite srategic game remains the elderly Risk 2 by Microprose, based on the board game. I don't like them too complicated, and I find that most RTS games become yawn inducing click-fests all too soon.

  gloombucket 24 Jun 08

Off topic but I once played a boardgame called something like Apocalypse or Armageddon, where capturing territories conventionally would earn plastic stages of nuclear missiles. You could use these to build lots of short range missiles or fewer longer range missiles. Missiles destroyed territories and could set off chain reactions through adjacent territories with missiles. It wasn't as simple as Risk, and perhaps not in the best possible taste but it was great fun.


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