Diablo III

  Marko797 13 Aug 08

Apparently this is out next year from Blizzard.
c.20 min demo which looks very good click here

  Si_L 13 Aug 08

I played the second one for a while but I couldn't get into it. I'm sure the third will be a great game, just not my sort of game.

  Marko797 17 Aug 08

i'll dig out my old disks for Diablo II and get some practice in for when DIII comes out.

Problem is I remember it (DII) being so addictive, that hours just seem to get lost. Not bad for a point and click game...

Then of course I'll have to work thru the 'expansions'...oh well, off to dust down my Paladin suit.

  AllThumbs 17 Aug 08

If you want to relive the joys of Diablo and D2 before the new one comes out you should check out the modding community that surrounded Diablo and the add on Lord of Darkness (LoD).

click here

click here

and possibly my fav

click here

Playing a mod of Diablo is a good way to taste it all again, but with a twist of lemon. :)

  Marko797 18 Aug 08

D2 and expansions loaded.

It's been a while and forgot that I had risen to 'Sir Marko' status (level 36) all that time ago.

Despite being in the cupboard for a few years, the armour is still as shiny as it was in the previous days of battle.

  Marko797 18 Aug 08

thnx for the links AllThumbs


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