DHTML Lemmings

  Inept Pig 27 May 11

Old news, old game - but I've just spent a particularly boring teleconference playing this - and so thought I'd share


Sadly, can't get the music to work - there could well be other online versions that work better out there though.

Great game until it went 3D.

  charliestumpy 22 Jun 11

... all AMIGA Lemmings were/are lovely - Original Oh No Tribes Chronicles Christmas/Holiday ... released in 2 different game versions, c. 1993-1994

...all of which original Amiga disks etc I have/play on great Cloanto Amiga emulator on PCs.

Being a saddo, I bought my first 'PC' (after 13 Amigas...)in 1996 to play fine Lemmings 3D, and fine 6-level Christmas Lem 3D. Still play on my original Commodore P60 Pentium/only yesterday got them to work on all recent PCs inc. 64 bit fast Win 7 thingie via DOSBOX. As stated by previous poster, sound generally doesn't work ...

I didn't bother with PC Paintball Lemmings - demo was nasty. I haven't bought Lem Revolution either, because I couldn't get to grips with demo, but that is probably worth getting.

Confess to having bought PSP (m/c sold-game cart-savefile kept) and PS3 for extra Lemmings levels not on anything else (except PSP ones on PS2).

Lem on.

  charliestumpy 23 Jun 11

.. sound now working fully on Win 7 32 and 64 bit thingie - with full (Realtek) soundcard installed rather than Intel inbuilt stuff.

My setup worked 1st-time with 'General midi' and 'Soundblaster' for the 2 main aural options.

This is from an original 1995 Lem 3D (and 'Christmas Wonderland' 6 game bonus CD) into DOSBOX 0.74. Sound of all others is fine via my original Amiga disks/.adf files in Cloanto Amiga.


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