Deus Ex: Human Revolutions

  Marko797 11:35 29 Aug 11

Anyone got this yet and can give us all some insight as to how it looks, runs, and what gameplay is like?

Understand there are 3 versions but it appears Augmented version is the one to get.

I loved the previous 2 so this is definitely on my list of ones to get.

  hzhzhzhz 23:09 29 Aug 11

I enjoyed the first 2 games and I'm enjoying this latest one also. Mouse lag was a problem when I started playing this last Friday and since then a little research has led me to disabling v-synch,which did improve things a little. Its still laggy though and just now tried FRAPS and I'm getting about 19fps. System is Athlon X2 5200,9500gt and 2gb Ram. Looks like I either need better gfx card,more Ram or both. A really great game imo. Nig.

  gengiscant 17:28 01 Sep 11

Really enjoying this game.It takes a bit of getting used to being a lets charge in all guns blazing type of guy. can be a bit confusing as to where to go but I think there is excellent replay value as there is so much to do and so many ways to do it.

Its been quite a while since a game has kept pulling me back to play a little bit more, then a little bit more. Loving it and on my over-clocked i5 2500K and 6870 GPU it plays great on high everything.

  Marko797 22:32 01 Sep 11

what version/edition do you both have? Augmented/Editors?

  hzhzhzhz 23:52 01 Sep 11


  gengiscant 08:19 02 Sep 11

Don't even understand the question.

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