Dedicated Gaming Laptop or High End general spec?

  Pythianlegume 21:42 23 Jul 12

I'm looking to invest in a gaming laptop, but want a relatively basic spec. I found this non-gaming laptop ( that has 8Gb RAM, a dedicated 1.5Gb graphics card and quad core processor, as well as HD screen. Given that it is about £100-200 cheaper than an equivalent 'gaming' laptop, am I missing out on something special or will this be OK for general gaming (no need for ultra-high graphics, I just want to play the games without lagging or low FPS)? Is there anything I should know regarding gaming laptops other than the basic 'high memory, good graphics/processor'?

  frybluff 20:10 31 Jul 12

Whilst the GT540M graphics, in that laptop, are reasonable, generally, it has very limited gaming capabilities.

If you want decent gaming, in a 17" laptop, you are probably talking well in excess of £1000. If you can accept 15.6", Novatech has a couple of "gaming laptops", at comparable prices, using the new GT650M graphics, which are supposed to be reasonably good. Novatech don't include operating system, in their base prices, so you need to add that.

Bear in mind, unless you spend a substantial ammount on a "gaming laptop", it's performance is going to be limited, compared to a somewhat cheaper PC.

  mick2008 08:11 04 Aug 12

I think for the extra £100 to £200 you will be better of in the long run getting the gaming laptop. Gaming laptops are quite expensive but they will be up to the job if you get a decent one.


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