Deadrising 2

  paul654 22:33 PM 06 Jun 11

Just bought Deadrising 2 for the PC. It installs ok, I've set up a Windows 'Live' account as requested. When I try to play it , it insists that I have to install an upgrade which it then proceeds to download. When it tries to install the upgrade it fails every time :-( If found the update file and tried to install it manually but it cant seem to locate the correct folder to install itself into...very strange. Any ideas...simple answers please, I,m not a PC wizzkid. What happened to the good old days when you just bought a game and then played it !?

  AllThumbs 21:35 PM 09 Jun 11

First question is what's your OS. I suspect its Windows 7 cos it's a familiar sounding woe as a guy who came from XP and under 7 games get installed into weird places.

One of the suggestions I've come across just from googling issues is to simply reinstall (as in uninstall and reinstall) the game and patch. It's a pain but sometimes works as a fix.

Another fixt talks about a situation depending on whether its a steam download - rather than cut and paste I'll just include the link

it's just from the steam forums.

As for a time when you just installed the game and it ran....that's always actually been a rarity. What's really changed is the degree of unfinished state that new games are allowed to get away with, sometimes the initial patches are larger than previous years entire games and you're expected to download these fixes at your cost. Seems that progress means prettier games with shoddier code.


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