DayZ on a budget of £300, is it possible?

  furkissy 26 Aug 12

Hey guys, Ive been surviving on games consoles and my laptop for the last year, since my pc died. And was pretty happy with the situation, until seeing some DayZ videos on youtube last night. I simply have to have this game and a machine thats able to run it. I already have a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers kicking about somwhere. Im on a strict budget of £300, so need the best my money can buy. Im not a graphics nut, so it doesnt have to be the most powerful machine in the world. But it does need to play arma 2 and the DayZ mod, smoothly and reasonably pretty. And preferably would be able to play other games too. Are there any off the shelf options in my budget? Or will i have to self build? If so, I truly truly hope you can offer advice on that also :D I have no clue what I would need to do, but Im not a complete plank and can follow simple instructions. Any and all advice, very greatly appreciated.

  KRONOS the First 26 Aug 12

You are going to struggle with having only £300 to spend.Even a self build would be challenging. I would have a look on Ebay and see if there is anything you fancy then post back here with a link.

One way I suppose is you could build with second hand parts but that is fraught with pitfalls.

  furkissy 26 Aug 12

Ive convinced the other half to stretch to £500 now. How are my chances looking now?

  KRONOS the First 27 Aug 12

A quick look on ebay and this is not bad. Will play just about anything you can throw at it.

I have also put together some parts.Of course you might want a better looking case but I have tried to stay within your £500 budget including delivery.Have a look here.


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