crysis on pc

  mobileman1953 02 Jul 08

trying to play crysis on pc for months keep getting killed does anyone know of a cheat to be invincible

  mrwoowoo 02 Jul 08

I always found that if you used cloak,then opened fire,used cloak again and moved away(still cloaked) you could normally survive and repeat again.
If you really are struggling though.
click here

  citadel 02 Jul 08

I can't see a game being worth playing if you are invincible. In crysis stay behind something for cover when opening fire, find a spot where you can take enemies one at a time when there are a lot attacking at once then use shotgun when they get close.

  Coltch 03 Jul 08

Why cheat?, I always tried the stealth approach in Crysis - quite funny when the guards are alerted to your presence and standing a couple of yards away with a scope aimed right at their head - shoot, move , cloak.

  crosstrainer 03 Jul 08

Although you are often told to "stick to the road" I found this to be tantamount to suicide! Try sticking to the leafy cover either side, and as mrwoowoo has said, use the cloak (a lot)

You can alter the config files to "God mode" where you can't be killed at all, but that's no fun now is it? :)

If you are having problems now, just wait until you get to the caves :)

  mobileman1953 03 Jul 08

thanks for your responses i will try your tips


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