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CoD:Black Ops reinstall problem on Steam

  TopCat® 15:25 04 Apr 12

Have tried Steam support but no comeback from them to date.

I have MW2 and 3 installed and they play fine. I installed Black Ops some time ago - from its disc - and that too played fine. Now, for some reason, it won't load beyond the Treyarch logo, which appears after a few seconds, and the game freezes and I can only close it down from Task Manager.

I've tried three times now to re-install from my disc, after first deleting local content from my Games Library list but no success. I'm thinking of installing from the servers but that will apparently take many hours.

Any help much appreciated, guys. TC.

Win & Pro SP1 - fully updated 12GB of DDR3 memory AMD Radeon HD 5800 graphics - latest drivers Intel i7 930 CPU

  KRONOS the First 18:39 04 Apr 12

To be honest the simplest solution would be to download the game from Steam's servers,yes it will take a while but at least it will work.

  TopCat® 12:54 05 Apr 12

Tried downloading from servers, well over eight hours, but that too failed to complete. Have decided to forget the game as I've spent too much time over installation difficulty. Lack of response from the Steam help team itself doesn't inspire confidence either!

Thanks for the response Chronus TC.

  X7-250 13:35 05 Apr 12

the sticky thread on the steam forum says you'll need to contact activision directly for support with in-game crashing.


  TopCat® 14:12 05 Apr 12

Thank you for that info, X7-250. My problem is in re-installing the game, not playing it, The link does in fact state: "or difficulty installing the game, please contact Steam Support."

I will however contact Activision to see if they can resolve the problem, and I'll post back here again if I have success. TC.

  X7-250 15:16 05 Apr 12

my mistake, i read it as if you contacted steam regarding the original complaint of freezing at startup and the reinstalling wasn't solving that problem.

apart from using the delete local content it might be worth browsing the steam folder for any remains.

what happens when it fails, does it hang or is there an error?

  TopCat® 18:20 05 Apr 12

It hangs (freezes) a few seconds into loading, stopping at the Treyarch or Activision logos. Taskmaster states "not responding."

I tried today with Activision for some support no success. Then, in case of some possible corruption to the Steam files on my PC, I uninstalled Steam and my games completely, then opened a new account. Like an idiot, I had totally forgot that the game activation keys had already been taken, so no success with that account!

Now I have a further problem getting Steam to accept the keys. My only option now is a restore point, so wish me luck! :) TC.

  TopCat® 18:37 05 Apr 12

Done the restore and managed, thankfully to get back to my original Steam account. Everything looks the same as before but all my CoD games now will need reinstalling.

I'll try to install MW2 first from its disc and see if that will work okay! TC.

  X7-250 18:44 05 Apr 12

oh, so the logo screen is part of the install rather than game start up. you can tell i don't have black ops.

have you tried their recommended way of installing from disc, which involves using the run command eg "C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" -install E: unlike CoD MW2 where you can just run setup.exe from the disc.

  TopCat® 00:31 06 Apr 12

For me, with Win7 Pro 64 bit installed, that run command has to read: "C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\Steam.exe" to work, which it does fine.

To cut another long story short, the restore point placed uncorrupted Steam files on the PC. I've now just finished re-installing the CoD games, with success for all except , yes you've guessed it, the flaming Black Ops!

Have now given up and deleted BO content on Steam - would have liked to have removed all reference to that game, but it has, I think, to stay there to retain its 'used' game activation keys. Don't think I'll bother any more with it!

I have checked the remaining games and they load perfectly - got to start play at the beginning of each one now though. That'll teach me to think before I act and try a restore point first!! At least that repaired most of my other problems but unfortunately not the main one. Ho, hum, that's life!

Thanks again for your interest and patience? :) TC.

  X7-250 12:20 06 Apr 12

all your games will remain in the library list, but you can filter it out by choosing to show installed games only.

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