iqs 16:00 17 Nov 09


I'm aware that there is another thread running regarding COD Modern Warfare 2 for the PC,in regards to the on-line part of the game.

Can I ask what does the acronym IWNET mean,and what the problem is with the usually simple on-line activation?.

Also I very rarely play games on-line,so if you exclude the problems with the on-line side of the game,is it worth the purchase price.
Thank you

  citadel 22:29 17 Nov 09

single player short but good if you think 8 hours is enough.

  mr simon 22:30 17 Nov 09
  mrwoowoo 22:50 17 Nov 09

IW just stands for Infinity ward, the makers of the game and is their own online network.
"is it worth the purchase price." Well the graphics and gameplay are a very high standard as you come to expect with the COD series. But the game can be completed in around 7 hours.

  grey george 20:18 18 Nov 09

Those that have played COD MW1 will be used to the controls and general method for successful game play, so they may be able to blast through it in a just a few hours. I don't believe they would be able to find all 45 pieces of intel to unlock the extras in that time. Many of the fire fights are in vast arenas meaning you can replay till you're hearts content and there are loads of weapons to try out. Currently £29.70 at amazon that's already a tenner off rrp. If you enjoyed may hours replaying MW1, I think you will also find the same with MW2.

  iqs 23:08 18 Nov 09

Thank you all for the comments,its appreciated .Cheers

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