CoD Black Ops

  ordep 10:20 02 Feb 11

Managed to get CoD Black Ops for £18 from Amazon but, its unplayable due to it being so choppy. After a quick search it appears its a common problem.
Shame it looked a good FPS

  ordep 12:17 09 Feb 11

Thanks for the heads up STREETWORK.

I've updated the drivers and re in staled the game, and its running 100% better in FPS, not perfect, but a hole lot better now.
I've even tried the multiplayer (in training mode), and quite enjoying it.
(dont play on line as a rule as I'm c**p at it)
You wouldn't want me in your team that's for sure:-)

  OTT_B 12:59 09 Feb 11

I have the same problem with MW2 - I'm rubbish at online play (or everyone else cheats!), but I persevere anyway!

  STREETWORK 13:23 13 Feb 11

It's better to be bad at a game and improve than to be good at it and get bored...

  IClaudio 16:24 13 Feb 11

I'm hopeless at it too, but still have great fun. Occasionally you'll end up with a bunch of players even worse than you, and that makes it all worthwhile :)

You can be in my team anytime you like!


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