COD 5 Were is everybody.

  acceptmyname 06:41 16 Jan 09

Hi I have just returned home from 2 weeks holiday and was quite looking forward to playin COD 5 multiplayer, When i clicked find a server 15000 or something appear but all but about 10 are empty am I missing something.

I have downloaded the patch.

  acceptmyname 06:54 16 Jan 09

sorry 4009 servers not 15000

  acceptmyname 20:19 18 Jan 09


  AllThumbs 11:30 19 Jan 09

There are servers out there running the game, however sadly your delay means that people have been playing for a while and have found the game to have some serious flaws.

The tanks are too powerful and dominate the maps they're in (so much so that some servers specify NO TANKS in their titles).

Spawning is atrociously poor - frequently dumping you amongst the enemy repeatedly so you die,spawn,die,spawn and so on.

There are plenty of others which I'm not going to list but I'm sure you can find some active servers out there if you look. There'll just be fewer players (some folks enjoy the zombie section - you should try that with some mates).

A lot of us have returned to cod4, which though also flawed is a better game by far.

  acceptmyname 12:04 19 Jan 09

thanks dude, I did have my suspicions that was the cause as have found a few servers running but as you say it has some serious spawn issues and the tanks just make every server there in a camping server.

As yourself i think i will be returning to CoD 4 since i have now found a good sniper server.

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