Choosing your next game

  mrwoowoo 21 Jun 08

Well,how do you choose?
1: Just pick up a game in store because it's your favourite genre and the case has a cool looking design? (basically a lottery)
2: Buy all new games in your genre.(lottery)
3: Go by tv promo ads.(All fmv ,gloss and too short.(Well they're not going to make it look bad are they.)..Not so much a lottery.
4: Mag reviews..Most are biased to making games better than they are.More games bought,more mags sold.
5: Online review/preview...Getting there.Can still be biased.
6: Screen shots on line.Hmmm?
7: Word of mouth... More like it.
8: Game disscusion forums...Like it
9: click here... Multiple reviews of games taken from other sites.... like it too.
10: Gameplay video on the net...Oh yes
11: Game demo... Good if released in time or at all.
12: Just because it's a follow up to a fvourite game.
I think thats enough options.(didn't realise there were so many).
What i do is a combination of....Well you can see what i think.

  crosstrainer 22 Jun 08

.....And the dogs like an early morning walk by the river when the foxes and other wildlife is about. I often take my camera's with me too.

  mrwoowoo 22 Jun 08

Really sorry to hear that mate.It's made me feel rather sad now.
Back to work in about a month when i will be up at 4.45am sometimes as i do a rota. 2x 6-6 days,then 2x 6-6 nights followed by 4 days off.
Sometimes only get an hour before the first early due to my late night habits.)O:!
Nights...not even tired.
Used to go round the country roads in the summer on the way home for nights with my digital slr hunting the wildlife as well.
Had a merlin hovering not 15ft above my open sunroof when i pulled up once.Slowly got my camera,zoomed in really tightly,squeezed the shutter release just as it swooped off.)O:!

  crosstrainer 23 Jun 08

The trick is to alway's have the camera ready. I have 2 at the moment, a Fuji dslr and a samsung 8mg pixel compact.

If I want to get shot's of foxes and rabbits, I go out without the dogs! 2 Jack Russells is enough to scare off everything within view!

  theDarkness 27 Jun 08

I read the back to check if itll actually run on my 1600mhz desktop or similar spec laptop :( youll usually find me loitering in the budget (ie lower spec) section. lol. Having an 80+ review percentage on the front of the dvd case from a games mag usually helps, i would say thats a close second, but i never usually buy games without reading a couple of reviews first :)


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