Can't remember the name of a game? Help please?

  Aidster1000 12:34 30 May 13

Please help if you can! Some years ago, I hot a disk from the PCAdvisor magazine and it had some games on. One however piqued my interest, and I started to play and was the only thing I played on for a while. The game was/is old, and I would be surprised, also very grateful if anyone still has/can remember it.

The game was 3D and had online multiplayer as well as single player. It had many levels (usually villages, towns, castles and forts) built in. One of its key features was that you could edit the objects and characters in the game, as well as add and remove objects and blocks. The characters were people as well as monsters. If some one remembers the name of it, please post!!!

Any help would be much appreciated.

  TimeTimer 04:07 06 Jun 13

Age of Empires Starcraft Civilization Empire Fable

  Chazzyb17 11:36 09 Jul 13

sounds like age of empires mythologies.

if not did you find the game already and what is it ?

  rocks123 10:23 25 Jul 13

i am agree with i like Age of empire Mythology

check with

  IClaudio 16:37 03 Aug 13

... and then go to Good Old Games where you'll hundreds of these Stone Age games at rock-bottom prices :-) (no, I don't work for GOG!!)

  kevinhall 12:49 23 Aug 13

I also think you talking about Age of Empires: Mythologies.

  tobe 10:07 02 Sep 13

Or could it be Empire Earth? I'm not sure, don't remember this game that clearly.


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