Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 breaks sales record

  Forum Editor 20 Nov 11

The latest release has broken the global sales record for a videogame, grossing $775m (£490m) in its first five days on sale.

It gives you some idea of the importance of the game market in terms of its monetary value.

  johnathann 22 Nov 11

That's really great. It was expected that Call Of Duty will make this sales record this year too.

  tomlo53 16 Mar 12

wow this is to good news this game is really amazing & i make a large no. of score in thisgame. I play this game when i free from my work.1st time i play this game in my friend's house.

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  KRONOS the First 16 Mar 12

Whats the difference between COD MW 3 and BF 3 and M O H nothing at all.Same old same old. As a man who loves his FPS's I am still struggling to get through BF 3 and I have no intention of getting COD MW 3 until its bargain bin.

  ordep 16 Mar 12

Have to agree with you Chronus, took me an age to finish Bad Company.

Just started playing Saboteur, much more fun.

  X7-250 07 Apr 12

not quite in the bargain bin, but down to £20 at Amazon, so i've took the plunge.

i had 80 hours of gameplay completing MW2 (single player and special ops) and although i paid £10 for that, if i get half the hours of gameplay from MW3 i will consider it good value.

  aiato 25 Jun 12

Can you guys tell me whether I can play Call of Duty in 3D ? Because I just bought an LG 3D TV and I was told that this TV is very good for watching 3D movies and playing advanced 3D games. Thanks in advance.

  KRONOS the First 25 Jun 12

The simple answer is no,if you want 3D get black Ops.

  lhalfman 05 Jul 12

dang that is crazy!

  kirkthebest 05 Jul 12

its off the hoook!! i cant wait to get my hands on it

  manoj9585 06 Jul 12

Awesome game and this is my one of the favorite game.


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