Call of duty 4 PC,help please

  iqs 15:05 23 Aug 08


I'm not sure what level it is,but its the one where you go back 15 years, and you are in Chernobyl.

Your are crawling through long grass,either side of you is the radiation fields,and the Russians are coming towards you .

From my description,can you offer any help in getting past the Russians please.I keep on getting spotted then killed.


  cluckinbell 16:29 23 Aug 08

OK, yeah i know exactly where you are. Jump ove rthe gasline at the start and stay close to your CO. Hit the deck when he does and just keep crawling behind him, stay close! Stop when he does.

It really gets you going that level, you feel yourself holding your breath as the troops almost step on you.

  iqs 17:45 23 Aug 08

Hi cluckinbell,
Thanks for the advice,will it give a go this evening,many thanks

  gengiscant 18:51 23 Aug 08

cluckinbell got it right,oh by the way this is a hard bit.

  iqs 20:31 23 Aug 08

Hi gengiscant,I have been trying to get pass this section for over a week,your right it is hard.Cheers

  crosstrainer 06:36 24 Aug 08

If you get it right, you should not have to fire a single shot....(until the next bit that is!)

  iqs 09:33 24 Aug 08

Hi crosstrainer,

Still having the same annoying problem,getting killed,have started to kill my CO is anger...

Will persevere ,cheers

  iqs 14:34 24 Aug 08

should be 'in anger'

  crosstrainer 06:37 25 Aug 08

You don't need to be right next to him to succeed. If you see an obvious enemy who is going to discover you, move a little to the left or right to allow him to pass.

Killing your CO is not recommended :))

  iqs 10:43 25 Aug 08

Hi crosstrainer,

Finally I have managed to get past the Russians without being detected,and without killing my CO.
I'm so happy.

Thank you all for the help.

  grey george 20:56 06 Sep 08

The easy way to do this, is to rush forward to the two trees on the left hand side. Lay down with your head right up against the second one and wait till the co starts moving again. Rather a dull wait but it works. There are many ways to play this section. There are photos of how Pripyat looks now click here
I was impressed by how good the simulation was.

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