Building a gaming pc for £800

  Dawkz123 01 Jun 13

Hi, I have £800 to spend building a gaming pc.

What components should I get?

Already decided on an Intel 3570 i5, but not sure about motherboard, gpu etc . Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks, John

  Chronos the 2nd 01 Jun 13

Are you looking for a big case or a smaller case.This makes a difference to the size of your motherboard.I used to be a big case guy but these days I have downsized to a Silverstone FT03 for my gaming build, a Bitfenix Prodigy 1 and finished, for my HTPC/spare and a Cooler Master Elite 120.

The Ft03 takes a M-ATX motherboard, which I think is the smallest you should be looking at, the other two are even smaller as they are take M-ITX motherboards. So have a look for a case then come back here with details, but just because a case looks good does not mean it is, you have to consider cooling, airflow, cable management. So pick a few and we can help you get a decent one.

Graphics card: I would suggest a GTX 670. PSU: A decent modular of 650-700W will be plenty.

I would have a smallish SSD (128GB)for your operating system and programs with perhaps a couple of 1TB sata HDD's for your games on one and music documents videos ETC on the other.

A decent cooler for your Intel 3570 i5, a Corsair H60.

Do you need a monitor keyboard and mouse with this build?

  Dawkz123 01 Jun 13

Thanks, size isn't really an issue. I've looked around a bit more, and thinks I'm going to get this case - - Or maybe the z11; haven't really decided...

I like the idea of the GTX 670, or 660Ti or something. I've been recomended a 750W 80+ bronze certified PSU


Also, is this motherboard ok?

And this CPU cooler:

And no, I don't need a monitor, and am not really bothered about a gaming keyboard either. In a few weeks I might invest in a decent mouse though...

The last thing is how much memory to get. Will 8Gb be enough? Or do you recommend 16gb?

Thanks for all the help!


  Chronos the 2nd 01 Jun 13

Case is your choice so whatever you select will be OK as far as cooling and airflow are concerned. The only thing with a windowed case and few parts inside the case looks empty. I know I have been there. But as I said your choice.

The corsair PSU is fine except I would have gone for a modular PSU that way you do not have a lot of cables you do not need cluttering up the case.

This one, 600W Or this one,750W.

I would definitely go for the GTX 670 as opposed to the 660Ti, compare. Great GPU's will handle any game you through at it at high or ultra settings. I am gaming on a Dell U2712 monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 and the 670 perfect.

As for RAM 8GB is more than enough, unless you are running a bunch of virtual machine then you will never need 16GB.

As for you cooler, I have had one of these in the past but I now have the H60 and feel it does a far better job of keeping my i5 2500K overclocked to 4.5Ghz cool.

Your motherboard is fine I am a great fan of Asus motherboards. Good build quality.

  Dawkz123 01 Jun 13

Cheers man you've been a great help!


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