broken sword 3 demo works, game not

  x45641 24 Mar 12

at first i couldnt install any version: not the downloadable demo from the internet and not full game that i own on DVD(2discs)

when updated the nvidia driver to the newest, the demo works just fine

but still not the full game, i cant even install matter from disc or by copying everything to a "new created folder" on the hard drive, when i double-click the setup file, the window "broken sword-the sleeping dragon is starting" pops-up, loads the bar complete, and then before i can choose where to instll it closes itself, without any information

the weird thing is, i installed and play this game through the end, on my old pc 1 or 2 years ago, no problems at all, and i can remember i didnt change the 85, 75, 60Hz frequence of the monitor

new pc: intel 4 core processor, win 7 64 bit, 200 GB hard drive, nvidia geforce gts 250 old pc: amd 800 Mhz, win xp 64 bit, 40 GB hard drive, zotac 6200

all i did yet: (between all these steps, i installed the game new, everytime i tried something else, so i find out what the cause is)

-run in low resolution 800x600 at 60 Hz -rolling back and for, nvidia driver between latest update, original that came with the DVD, and old from internet sites -delete BSTSD -used the nodisc utility and replaced the original -run with right mouse-click in compatibility mode for windows xp sp2, sp3, windows 2000, vista, vista sp1, sp2, -run as administrator -delete the demo and then try installing the full game from disc or by copying the files to a new created hard drive

i dont know if the FULL game is made for win xp only, but then on other thoughts, why would the DEMO run on win 7 64 bit, 4 core processor, ONLY under the latest nvidia driver March 21 2012 but better than nothing,

  1. P.S.: i red about a basic sound level trick in ATI graphic cards or win xp, but not in nvidia or win 7

  2. P.S.: not even broken sword 4 runs with 4 core processor, but only 1 or 2

  Jameslayer 15 Apr 12

Hi hope you get the problem fixed seeing this thread has promoted me to order the compleate collection as I love this series. £12.95 if anyone else is interested.


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