Colin 12:24 PM 01 Jul 11

Has anyone played this game and, if so, what are your opinions? It's available for download from Steam for £7.50 so I'm considering it. I only play single player, (can’t get on with multi player), and reviews I've read/watched generally say that single player side is poor. Would I be wasting my money?

  gengiscant 13:36 PM 01 Jul 11

I would definitely get it, good price as well. I have played it a couple of times and in parts it can be bloody hard. Good thing about it is that on the second and third run through you take your upgraded weapons and personal specs with you. Good game I enjoyed it.

  AllThumbs 16:00 PM 04 Jul 11

I'm still playing it and still enjoying it :)

I'm not convinced I'd go around again (though I restarted all my characters part way through after I understood the experience system better). But it's good stuff and there are a few addons too that might be good.

  Colin 19:21 PM 04 Jul 11

Thanks for the responses. I’ll definitely get it but not until I finish the FEAR Collection from Stream. £9.99 for FEAR 1 & 2 as well as the two add-ons, Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate. Should keep me going for a while as well as plodding along with DNF.


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