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  jimbojetset69 08 May 12

hi i have bought asus p8768 Deluxe/ Gen3 intel i 7- 2600k Vengeance lp 8 gb ddr3 am going to by a a good graphic card around £400 also i am going to get a 1000 power supply going to get a hard drive as well a blue ray

my question is i know a lot of people play bf3 and say the graphics is awesome but i like playing bf2 as i have done for the last 5 years at the moment my graphics on the game is some what poor as i have a very old pc but will the game come alive like bf3 when i do go live with the new gaming pc

  jimbojetset69 08 May 12

i am very new to all this so bear with me if i have spelt or not added things that you need to know thank you and i hope some one will help me out

  KRONOS the First 14 May 12

Spellchecker for IE.

Though your game Battlefield 2 might well look a bit better with a decent graphics card you must also remember that all games are usually graphically better than they were 7 years ago when BF2 first came out. Technology improves and game engines improve so obviously games will look a lot better. graphics cards can cope with a hell of a lot more information than they could 7 years ago so although BF2 might well look a little better it won't be as good looking as BF3, which I might say is probably one of the most boring games I have ever played,in fact I have not even got half way through it yet.


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