best usb adapter to use playstation joypad on vista or xp?

  theDarkness 29 Jul 08

I am after a usb playstation joypad adapter for the pc, so am wondering what the best one to go for is? I used to have a adapter which worked fine on both vista and xp (using EMS drivers) but it is no longer available on their website when i thought of buying another. I have not tried the actual EMS usb adapter (from consoleplus i think). I should probably go for the EMS adapter but i am not sure if it works with both ps1 and ps2 pads, or if it works as well as the joytech one. i definately need one that will work on both vista and xp. Can anyone recommend any adapters?

  wolfie3000 30 Jul 08

I remember a similar question being asked on a Halo forum and the first answer the guy got was "Proper gamers only use keyboards" lol,

Why not buy a pc joypad thats similar to the ps joypad, theres plenty about and probably a bit cheaper too.

  theDarkness 02 Aug 08

Lol! I would, but its mainly because i have plenty of playstation pads already including an arcade stick, so thought a joypad converter would be the better option, which (when available) usually go for a tenner or less, and i can connect more than one player. isnt selling theirs at the moment so ill guess ill have to try and get hold of an EMS one as this is apparently one of the few that works both with the rumble and with vista, using the correct drivers :) thanks

  Si_L 04 Aug 08

I have a cheap one of Ebay (search PS2 to USB adaptor), and it has lasted ages, does the job fine.


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