Battlefield 3

  Flak999 25 Oct 11

How many people have pre-ordered and are eagerly awaiting this game? I know I am, I have my order with Amazon and am looking forward to Friday when it's released. I played and thoroughly enjoyed Battlefield 2, so I am expecting great things from it's successor!

  gengiscant 26 Oct 11

I to enjoyed battlefeild 2 but have stopped getting sequels as soon as they are released. I have only just finished the latest Medal of Honor which I found quite boring and I have yet to complete Black ops for the same reason. There is rarely anthing that makes a sequel stand out these days, it seems more of a money making exercise by producing more of the same each time. I will probably get it but not right away. I'll wait to see what the forums are saying and its a bit cheaper. I have stopped reading game review magazines as,somtimes they seem to be writing aboutba totally different game than thevone that I was playing even though they had the same title. Much to much hype these days and far to much disappointment in games.

  monkeyboy21 02 Nov 11

Have to say, I'm very disappointed so far with it. I'm on ps3, very laggy gameplay, a few mw addition rather than keeping it similar to bc2. No cooking grenades and hit damage is poor. The sighting leaves a little to be desired as well. Think I need to persevere. Just find it very frustrating.

  Sheephead 03 Nov 11

It is this seasons game of choice amongst my friends. As we're spread far & wide througout the land CoD gaming sessions & Battlefield 2 were our regular 'meet-up' method. I've not played single player on MW2 or Black Op's cos I always just played online. I think that's the main reason people buy them now isn't it? I've decided not to buy bf3 because 1. I'm skint & 2. I'm a bit bored of gaming atm!

  Flak999 05 Nov 11

Well, I have been playing BF3 since it came out and I am impressed! It loaded and played faultlessly for me and graphically it is very good played on ultra settings.

I am still feeling my way around it, but I must admit I'm hooked!


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