Battlefield 1942

  Alf58 27 Aug 10

I know this is an old game but I am very attached to it. I am experiencing a severe problem. After months of untroubled online play, tonight the game has stopped functioning on line. All seems normal regarding loading screens etc but as soon as I click "internet" everything freezes and I have to use Control Alt Delete to get the computer running again. The game is fine if I dont try to play on line.I am using Win XP Professional. My internet connection is sound with a regular speed of 5.5 mbts and a goood ping rate.

Anyone got any ideas?

  Alf58 01 Sep 10

The issue is now resolved. It was an issue with the central server which had been upgraded but not properly configured. Nothing to do with me or my machine.

  harps1h 01 Sep 10

unistall and reinstall as suggested earlier in the thread.

  Alf58 30 Aug 10

Well still getting nowhere. I have installed latest patch, enabled various ports in Win Xp Firewall, system restored to two weeks ago (when I know the game played ok on line)but still no joy. EA support just give a standard reply to connection problems. I'm reaching the point where I'm becoming reonciled to never playing online again.

  mrwoowoo 28 Aug 10

Java updates can mess up. A system restore to before the update should sort it.

  Alf58 27 Aug 10

Thanks for the replies, folks.

Cant get the internet menu screen to work to disable Punk Buster. There was a Java Update a couple of days ago. I wonder if that could have affected it?

  gengiscant 27 Aug 10

Reinstall the game is another possibility.

  mrwoowoo 27 Aug 10

Try disabling Punkbuster as this sometimes works.
A simple system restore may help if not.


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