Anyone else still play Sinclair Spectrum games?

  Armchair 29 Jun 08

I owned a 48k model, from Jan. '84 to May '85 (sold so I could concentrate on my 'O' Levels!), and it's games have definitely left a big impression on me, probably more so than any other gaming machine I've owned. Only the early arcade shooters have been more influential.

Anyway, I still game via the wonderful Spectaculator emulator on my PC. Most of the (thousands) of games are available legally from World of Spectrum, although I mainly concentrate on the ones that were available during my Speccy ownership time.

Ones I like to play now:-

3D Deathchase
Knight Lore (NB good luck finding the Ultimate games. Distribution denied, unfortunately......)
Cookie (should have been made into an arcade game)
Sabre Wulf
Manic Miner
Chuckie Egg
Football Manager (the emulator allows you to speed games up. Handy in this case)
The Level 9 text adventures

  Useless 1 20 Jul 08

Was that 'NO' an answer to my query about the power pack geniscant?

  gengiscant 20 Jul 08

oops,sorry,wrong forum.

  mrwoowoo 20 Jul 08

Is this what you require?
click here

  Useless 1 20 Jul 08

Thanks for the quick response, mrwoowoo. You know it might be OK, but I'd have to dig out the manual. It doesn't look the same from the photo, as mine was much more hefty, with an angular shape rather then the rather sleek rounded-off appearance of the eBay one. I know mine is from the very first issue of the Speccy as I ordered it 12 months before it finally arrived! It was so early that they sent me 3 replacements before they got it right and what a reliable one it turned out to be!


  mrwoowoo 20 Jul 08

Scroll down the page on this link for a selection of power supplies.
click here

  Useless 1 21 Jul 08

Wow! mrwoowoo that looks great -- I'll settle down for a good browse! Thanks a heap.


  psj3809 14 Aug 08

I'm a huge fan of old retro Speccy games.

Its very popular at the moment, lots of companies are re-releasing retro classics for consoles. Theres a magazine in WHSmiths every month (Retro Gamer).

I post a lot over on the world of spectrum forums.

Have a go at..

click here - An online emulator but its also a leaderboard as it keeps all the scores, its a lot of fun trying to get the top score on certain games.

Also sorry to plug it but we're looking for contributors to write old Speccy reviews (you get paid per review !).

click here

We've done two books so far, theyre printed at Currently working on Book 3 (1987-1988), a lot of fun looking back at these classic games. Yeah the graphics/sound are outdated but the gameplay is still superb.

  psj3809 14 Aug 08

Useless 1 - Post over at click here over in the forums, eg wanted.

Someone will have a spare power pack to sell (perhaps even give you) as theres 100's of Speccy users there.

  vader1 25 Oct 09

I do still play zx spectrum games and i run a site dedicated to the sinclair machines over at click here

  Kevscar1 25 Oct 09

My very first computer with 48k ram. Who in those days would of even imagined having 8 GB.


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