Anyone else still play Sinclair Spectrum games?

  Armchair 14:11 29 Jun 08

I owned a 48k model, from Jan. '84 to May '85 (sold so I could concentrate on my 'O' Levels!), and it's games have definitely left a big impression on me, probably more so than any other gaming machine I've owned. Only the early arcade shooters have been more influential.

Anyway, I still game via the wonderful Spectaculator emulator on my PC. Most of the (thousands) of games are available legally from World of Spectrum, although I mainly concentrate on the ones that were available during my Speccy ownership time.

Ones I like to play now:-

3D Deathchase
Knight Lore (NB good luck finding the Ultimate games. Distribution denied, unfortunately......)
Cookie (should have been made into an arcade game)
Sabre Wulf
Manic Miner
Chuckie Egg
Football Manager (the emulator allows you to speed games up. Handy in this case)
The Level 9 text adventures

  Rigga 16:33 29 Jun 08

You could also try here for remade classics.

click here


  mad1234 07:37 30 Jun 08

where did you get your emulator from? i would love to play knight lore, sabre wulf & manic minor again to name but a few

  Coltch 08:31 30 Jun 08

Try, runs in a browser and there are loads of games.

I usually use ZXSpin to run some of the old games.

Still got some original tapes plus manuals and programming guides.

  DANZIG 08:33 30 Jun 08

Just downloaded that Spectaculator emulator.

Very Good!

  mad1234 09:32 30 Jun 08

Coltech, that looks great but at home i have a download limit so i would prefer a one i can download & games i can download too

  Bob The Blob 12:29 30 Jun 08

Have you tried google?
World Of Spectrum click here

  Armchair 21:27 01 Jul 08

The Ultimate Play the Game tape files for Spectaculator (and other Spectrum emulators, but that's the best one by miles) used to be available in a single file but the site is now defunct. Those games are 'denied distribution' now. Manic Miner is already embedded in Spectaculator.

Nearly everything else is available from World of Spectrum, though. You can play text adventures till you drop dead, lol.

  theDarkness 01:08 02 Jul 08

I bought a cd from woolworths or pc world aeons ago, which came with the zx32 emulator (runs better than spectaculator on this vista machine).. was surprised it came with a full compact disc worth of games, thousands to try out. Not sure if any high st stores will still sell emulator discs. Favourite games include bak2skool, chuckie egg and fantasy world dizzy :) for buying emulator discs, youre probably best to try ebay, although distinguishing retail emulators/games from gamers simply selling their own private downloaded game rom collections for profit may be difficult

  Useless 1 13:38 20 Jul 08

I still have my old Speccy -- in good working order before the power pack gave up! I'd love to get it going again and see if those tapes I've preserved so carefully are still OK!


  gengiscant 14:18 20 Jul 08


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