Any game modders out there?

  wolfie3000 12 Jun 08

If so which games do you mod?
Iv been modding different games for a few years now and enjoy the challenge of coming up with new ideas for different games.

So which games do you mod if any?
For me i mod,

Tomb raider Legend
Tomb raider Anniversary
GTA Vice city
GTA San Andreas
Halo CE
Postal 2
Max payne 1 & 2

  wolfie3000 16 Jun 08

Modding games can be quite simple, it just depends on the game you want to mod,

Do you have any games in mind??

  mad1234 17 Jun 08

not really but i wouldn't know how to get into the program to start with & can this only be done for pc games?

  wolfie3000 17 Jun 08

Well with most games there are programs you can download to mod games,

Take Tomb raider Legend,

Here is a small tutorial of how to mod lara croft.
click here

Its pretty simple and all you need is basic painting skills to come up with a good looking mod.

To get the program Texmod, you can download any of my tomb raider mods, as i supply texmod and all instructions on how to use it,

click here

Texmod works for both Tomb raider Legend and Anniversary, so check my mods as to which Tomb raider game it was built for.


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