Alone in the dark (pc game) ( june 20th)

  mrwoowoo 30 May 08

Game play video
click here=
Tech demo:fire
click here
Since rdave13 has got me awaiting Far cry 2 with baited breath,this will more than do in the mean time.
Just awesome.

  crosstrainer 30 May 08

Oh no! not another one :) I think you should open a games forum :)

I'll have a go at this one when I've finished Crysis (one of the best games I've played...On a par with FEAR) Think they will do a sequel?

(bearing in mind I have not got to the end yet)

  crosstrainer 30 May 08

That looks too good to miss, is it out in the UK yet? Another trip to Tesco's I fear, and once again.....I'ts all your fault :)

  crosstrainer 30 May 08

Doh! it's in the thread title :)

  Totally-braindead 30 May 08

Anything to do with the old Alone in the Dark program? Because that was a classic.

  Totally-braindead 30 May 08

Forget my query, just read it. It is.

  Covergirl 30 May 08

Link to deleted posts . . . ? ? ?

  mrwoowoo 30 May 08

Project origin (fear sequel)out Q4 2008
Another must have. (O:!
click here


"Link to deleted posts . . . ? ? ?"
Not sure i understand.

  crosstrainer 30 May 08

I wish they wouldn't do these videos! They all know we want the game! Now have another one to add to the list :) Plus any Crysis sequel if they do one....It's still high in the charts so reckon they will.

  mrwoowoo 30 May 08

The director of Crysis has said that the game is designed as a trilogy, so you have two more installments to come (O:!

Sometimes i wonder if it would be better to wait until a game is a few years old before playing it.
Take crysis.
I played it on my previous pc at medium settings.
Now i have a newer pc i could play it with the settings a lot higher,thus getting more out of the experience.
I played prince of persia sands of time recently(yes i know)which was a gane i missed out on.To play a game with everything maxed out and framerate through the roof makes a much more enjoyable experience.Now to do this with Crysis at the time of it's release would have been financially impossible for me.
Playing Assassins creed and Blacksite with settings almost at maximum at the mo.
Just wish i could have done it with Crysis.
Will i wait until i get a better pc before i play Crysis 2?.....No,of course not.

  crosstrainer 30 May 08

I'm lucky, this quad core rig (Nvidia 8800GTX graphics) 4gb ram eats Crysis at max settings for breakfast...But of course you won't wait!

Could always play it again later. I often judge a game by it's "Do I want to play this again" factor. I have played FEAR, FEAR extraction point, and FEAR perseus mandate loads of times and still enjoy them...Same applies to Max Payne, and I will certainly play Crysis again (if I ever save Prophet!) Banned myself from games for today because of the leg, but will resume @ the weekend!


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