Advice on buying £500-£600 gaming pc

  M_W 11:35 26 Apr 14

I'm looking to buy a midrange gaming PC for £500-£600 - ambition is to be able to run games like Bioshock Infinite, Diablo III and upcoming games Dragon Age III/Mass Effect 4 (using the Frostbite III engine so presumably similar requirements to Battlefield 4) at medium settings.

Looking at a host of online PC retailers, I have spotted two that might be of interest:

1 click here AMD 6300 (6384 PassMark score) Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 270X (4516 PassMark score) Price: £539 (but £585 to be comparable with the second in terms of hard drive and PSU)

2 click here Intel Core i5 4670K (7791 PassMark score) Graphics: AMD Radeon R7 260X (3010 PassMark score) Price: £600

So it seems to be a better GPU vs. a better CPU - which is better value for what I want to achieve? Is there anything else out there I should consider?

Many thanks for your help.

Processor: Processor:

  mart7 11:48 26 Apr 14

First pc only has a 450 watt psu and a 500gb hd as you pointed out

compare graphics cards here

click here

  mart7 11:55 26 Apr 14

I personally prefer Intel cpu and nvidia gpu You could upgrade the graphics card in the second system but it would push you over budget,i would think both system could cope with bioshock and BF4 on medium settings,the other games i have no knowledge of

This may give you some ideas where to look

click here,review-32881-3.html

  mart7 11:56 26 Apr 14


click here,review-32881-3.html

  mart7 12:01 26 Apr 14

Links not working,this one is

click here

  M_W 08:13 27 Apr 14

Thanks for your responses. Any reason to prefer Intel + Nvidia over AMD? I haven't actually used an AMD system before but in this case it appears to be much better priced for the performance you get.

  mart7 11:41 27 Apr 14

Simply my opinion ive always had intel/nvidia,they never fail me,AMD cpus are cheaper always have been,i wouldn't dissuade anyone away from AMD they do have some good processors and graphics cards,if you go for system 1 i would upgrade the hd and psu,the rest of the systems fine

  M_W 20:44 28 Apr 14

Thanks, I decided to give AMD a go and upgraded PSU and HDD as suggested.

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