2008 Football Manager and starting game

  Audio~~Chip 23:51 16 Jan 09

.. problem now.
It installs all the game on my Vista Premium vista Laptop but when it goes to the next stage to open I get Error 4001 click on a dialogue box from serurom.com and it points to changing DMA/PIO Mode on the Main SATA controller in Device/hardware list.

Ok, but there is no option to do this, as like many other people with the FM08 Game from CD or DVD disk have found this does not fix because no edit of the DMA or PIO mode on the HDD controller.

Also Sega sources say make a shortcut from the game and place on desktop, this doesn't work.

Main error as well as 4001 is please insert the correct CD and try again. It is the correct CD and its a legit CD

Any PCA Forum Games any fixies please.

  mrwoowoo 02:03 18 Jan 09

Securerom tends to throw up different errors if you have virtual drives on your pc.
Try uninstalling any virtual drives in device manager if you have them.

  Audio~~Chip 10:35 18 Jan 09

are these the same as a hidden recovery partion maybe on the laptop. Its a Toshiba Sat L350 with Vista Premium.

  Audio~~Chip 22:05 18 Jan 09

on a Vista Premium Laptop i good running order. Doesn't seem ot want to get to finishing of by creating desktop or Games folder entry.

  mrwoowoo 23:33 18 Jan 09

"are these the same as a hidden recovery partion maybe on the laptop."..In short no.
I imagine that you don't have them as you have to create them.Usually use dto mount game images.
If you look in my computer,you will see your hard drive/drives as in local disc c and d and any dvd r/w or c/d drives.Anything else would be virtual drives unless you have a card reader which will show as well.
I take it that you know with Vista that the shortcut is placed in the generic games folder and that games run better from within this folder by using the shortcut there.
Click on the Start orb then games.

  mrwoowoo 23:44 18 Jan 09

Not sure if you have managed to instal or not as you give conflicting info.
If it has ,try running the patch.click here;9633855;/fileinfo.html
Or right click on the shortcut and run in compatability mode with xp.
If you have 2 dvd drives try inserting in the other one or just take out and pop it back in.

  Audio~~Chip 23:51 18 Jan 09

mrwoowoo your HELP & Advice appreciated!
Can you navigate me to the patch download to try.

I did not get a icon in the Games folder for FM08 as it didn't get that far to finsh of. Yes the Laptop has Card Reader built in, the Laptop is a Dual core in good health, updated the BIOS, VGA, Chipset drivers, no spyware or Adware, running Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 and no blocking found on FM08.

Please point me towards the patch to try

Many thanks.

  mrwoowoo 18:27 19 Jan 09

Strange that link doesn't work.
Have another go.
click here;9633855;/fileinfo.html

  mrwoowoo 18:29 19 Jan 09

Still not working.
On this link click on the top of the Google list.
click here

  Audio~~Chip 18:33 19 Jan 09

but the patch will not work as the completion of FM08 will not complete. The last stage of installation of the FM08 and its says incorrect disk, please insert correct CD.

  mrwoowoo 18:37 19 Jan 09

Is it a one or two disc game.If two which disc does it stick on?

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