Will a TalkTalk sim card work in Vodafone g300?

  grumpy-git 05 Apr 13

The G300 is not unlocked & I was wondering if a TalkTalk sim would work in it without unlocking the mobile - as TalkTalk uses the Vodafone .

I can probably get the unlock code for free in a few weeks, as it is nearly 12 months old, but was just hoping it would work without unlocking.

  grumpy-git 05 Apr 13

Sorry, meant to say TalkTalk uses Vodafone network. (Couldn't edit original post)

  grumpy-git 08 Apr 13

After 3 days no answer, so I take it nobody knows!

If its a contract phone i would say no,never had a contract phone that you can put another providers sim card in without been unlocked

Try it? get a free payg sim and put it in the phone

  grumpy-git 08 Apr 13

It had a payg Vodafone sim but I soon replaced it with a 12 month Vodafone sim. I've never messed with phones much so don't know what "damage" I might cause by changing sims.

When you put the payg sim in you will know if the phone will work with another provider because it will allow you to set the phone up,if it doesnt work then its locked to that network If its contract it will be locked If its payg and you bought the phone from cpwarehouse as far as im aware theyre all unlocked If its a payg phone you purchased from vodafone,02,tmobile,orange they are locked

  grumpy-git 10 Apr 13

Thanks for that mart7, will let you know how I get on with it in a week or so.


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