Will any bluetooth headset do?

  numskull 08 Apr 08

I have ordered a new phone, O2 cocoon. Is any bluetooth headset compatible with it? I have looked on some shopping websites and the headsets seem to be compatible with most other phones.

  Chris the Ancient 08 Apr 08

In a nutshell, any reputable bluetooth headset should be compatible.

There are some really cheap and nasty headsets available; and the instruction books that come with them can be pretty dire. Also, look for something that will be light and, importantly, be comfortable in the ear. One that has a selection of nice soft interchangeable earpieces may be a little more expensive - but worth it.

  numskull 08 Apr 08

There is such a difference in price! Any recommendations? I only want it for hands free in the car and shall not use it much.

  pavvi 13 Apr 08

You can also get bluetooth hands free devices that don't go on your year but attach themselvs to your sun visor. Some of these are very good indeed, Vizorblades are very good with good clarity....

  Acx 14 Apr 08

I just walked into a O2 shop (on the high street) and asked to look at their bluetooth headsets.

I asked if it would work with my phone and it does, state that you are worried about it working with your phone, then its their responsibility to provide one that does.

It cost about £15 two years ago (it has an o2 brand), it works and Im happy with it.

  numskull 14 Apr 08

Thanks for the advice. I am thinking about getting a Plantronics 520. The jawbones seem a bit pricey.


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