Why won't DVD player work with new digital TV?

  Pineman100 16:51 25 Aug 08

Our next-door neighbours have just bought a new Sony digital TV, with Freeview built-in. The TV function is working fine on all channels.

They've connected their DVD player to the TV with a SCART lead (as the TV's instructions state). On their previous analogue TV, you just switched on the DVD player, and it would appear on whichever channel the TV was showing at the time. But that refuses to happen on this new TV.

I've checked that the plugs are properly pushed in at both ends of the SCART lead, I've tried swapping the plug from one SCART socket to the other on the TV (it has two), I've tried a different SCART lead. I know the DVD player is working - I've switched it on, put a disk in and heard it spinning. But nothing I've done will make the DVD player appear on the TV screen.

Anyone got any ideas what's wrong, please?

  sean-278262 17:09 25 Aug 08

There is usually a button to swap what the TV is outputting to the screen from HDMI, DTV (digital TV) and scarts. Usually this will be shown in the first few pages of the manual.

Not all TVs auto switch. My last HDTV did not swap to the correct channel but my current one does.

  Ventad 17:13 25 Aug 08

You will have to look at which channel on the tv the scart is, normally alongside the scart and then change the TV to that channel and then change back to DTV when you want to go back to Digital TV. There is a change over button on the hand set

  Pineman100 17:27 25 Aug 08

The TV's instruction booklet says nothing about watching DVD player output, other than connecting the player to the TV with a SCART lead. Helpful, eh?!

As well as the usual buttons on the TV itself, there's one marked with a diagram that looks like a tiny blank TV screen with an arrow entering it from the left. I've tried pressing this several times, and it toggles between displays on the screen saying HDMI, and various other indecipherable (by me!) things - but no mention of SCART.

And there's nothing beside the SCART sockets to indicate what channel on the TV they'll use.

Is there a particular channel on digital TV's that is usually allocated to DVD? I've tried flicking through as many of them as possible on the TV (with a DVD playing in the player), but no sign of it coming through on any of them

  rdave13 18:09 25 Aug 08

Nothing about an AV channel?

  oresome 18:19 25 Aug 08

Not all scart leads are fully wired. Presumably they are using the lead from the previous setup which worked? In which case try swapping the ends round. I've at least one lead with the end marked that has to go to the TV.

  Pineman100 18:20 25 Aug 08

I'll have to check tomorrow - the neighbours are away tonight.

Would "AV" be the SCART channel?

  Pineman100 18:22 25 Aug 08

I haven't asked them whether it's the same SCART lead that they used previously, but I will do so. When you say "not all SCART leads are fully wired", are you saying that simply switching ends might solve the problem? Or might they have to get a new lead?

  100andthirty 19:01 25 Aug 08

SCARTs are terrible things - pins can be pushed back and they're generally insecure. try reversing the lead and also check that it's fully two way and there's no input/output switch. There may be a setting on the TV to enable the function to allow the TV to change to the DVD when it's switched on.

the TV's manual will say how to switch to the channels using the SCART; modern TV's are too complicated to avoid this.

  oresome 19:03 25 Aug 08

I've not looked at the wiring of a scart lead in detail, but presumably at least one connection swaps pins end to end. This doesn't matter if all connections are made, but if they're not, it will matter which end is plugged in where.

Simple enough to try anyway.

  Pineman100 19:12 25 Aug 08

I'll pop next door and work through your suggestions tomorrow. I'll report back on the results.

I'm very grateful for all your ideas.

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