Why do I get same speed using Gigabit or 10/100?

  doninwales 19 May 10

I'm setting up a home network and am currently testing transfer speeds between two PCs.
The PCs are currently next to each other (for testing - will ultimately be at opposite ends of the house).

I connected each to my Sky broadband router using 2 x Cat6 cables, both only about a metre long.
I transferred a 3.5 Gb file several times back and forth and it took an average of around 7 minutes - equating to approx. 8.3 MB/s (or approx. 66 Mb/sec)

I then realised that the Sky Broadband Router only provided 10/100 speeds.
Indeed I checked on both PCs and they both reported 100 Mbps under Local Area Connection Status.

No problem - I went and bought a brand new Zyxel Gigabit Ethernet Switch (Model GS-105B).
I moved the two Cat 6 cables from the existing router to the new Gigabit switch (adding a third cable from switch to Broadband router to enable internet access.)

I checked the Local Area Connection Status on both PCs and both now reported 1 Gbps.

I then re-tested the data transfer speed of the same 3.5Gb file between the two PCs.
I obtained an almost identical average of 7 minutes, give or take a second or two.

What ???

I am getting the exact same speed between PCs, whether I'm going via 10/100 network or a Gigabit network!

I 'must' be missing something, but I just can't see it.
I'm using the same, good-quality Belkin Cat 6 cables (both a metre long).
The PCs are correctly reporting 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps depending on which network I connect them to.
But the practical results are identical.

I've read various possibilities including possible effects from firewalls and/or anti-viruses, and suggestions to turn them off.
I 'will' test this, but I can't believe that it is a long term solution to disable these when you want to perform a network transfer.
(BTW, both PCs use AVG Internet Security version 9 to provide Firewall and Anti-virus, with Windows firewall turned off.)

Can anybody offer any advice?
Am I missing something obvious?


  BRYNIT 20 May 10

Like all things the speed is up to 100 Mbps.

I could be wrong but I think the speed of the files transfer is determined by the capability of your computers. It has to be read from one computers hard drive transferred and written to the hard drive of the other computer.

  doninwales 20 May 10

Thanks for your comments, but both PCs are very powerful. Top of the range CPUs, memory and hard drives, so am confident these are no limiting factors.

The issue is clearly the lan connection, but I just need to find out why......

  wiz-king 20 May 10

Surely it's not why you need answered ... it's how can I alter? *grin* Sorry cant help.

  wiz-king 20 May 10

This may answer your question. click here


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