why could i NOT access free wifi with galaxy s3 ?

  worcesterman47 10:35 04 Feb 13

hi guys, looking for some advice/help please, the scenario is my wife and i went to a local restaurant for a meal last night & it has free wifi access..so i thought i would try to use my new samsung galaxy s3 phone ( xmas present :)..anyway i kept clicking on the name of the restaurant on the phone but got no connection at all ( just said searching or accessing something like that ) anyway it would not actually connect, is there something i should be setting on the phone myself to enable access to free wifi spots? ... i do NOT have data roaming enabled, everything works fine when at home through my router, i have a 1gb allowance through my phone contract with talkmobile ( which uses vodafone ), so anyone have any advice/help etc as to what i am doing wrong..or is it just that i could not access the free wifi full stop, no matter what i did?...many thanks in advance

  Nontek 14:59 04 Feb 13

Have you turned on WiFi in Settings?

  worcesterman47 15:03 04 Feb 13

Yes it is always on

  Nontek 15:22 04 Feb 13

Hmm, using lots of battery power then, not advisable!

Does the Free AP require a Password to be entered? If so, enter Password then select Connect.

or try WiFi Direct ... select Settings>More settings>WiFi Direct - drag the switch to the right. Select Scan, if accepted you will be connected.

  worcesterman47 10:08 05 Feb 13

update !!!!.. as i said earlier i got this phone for xmas but yesterday i realised that i had NOT installed my data plan settings on it..so therefore i was not as i assumed connecting to the net through my router AND my data plan ( when out and about) and i had not noticed..i was just connected through my router at home..i have now installed and set up the phone companys data plan on my phone, i have tested it by turning off router access and i now have the little icon for data transfer on the top of my phone ( i know i am stupid but nver thought in my excitement with new phone to send and install the new data set up settings, well i got them through a few messages and installed them now :)... so now then would/could that have been the reason i could not actually connect to the free wifi access at the restaurant?..as technically i had NO data plan set up on my phone as the settings had not been installed, again any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

  SillBill 21:29 05 Feb 13

It does not appear likely that that is the reason why you could not connect via a WiFi Hotspot unless you had WiFi disabled.

  worcesterman47 09:48 06 Feb 13

Hi..wifi was enabled

  SillBill 19:12 07 Feb 13

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