who is the best mobile phone provider

  kspatto 23:43 05 Dec 05

the title says it all Im giving tmobile the heave ho there customer services is dire
any recommendations


  pavvi 08:14 06 Dec 05

It all depends on what you use. Do you text more than talk or vice versa? You have to give more information to get answers that are any use. If it's to do with customer service then it will always vary according to which advisor you speak to....

  Stuartli 09:23 06 Dec 05

One of my best friends owns a business involving buying and selling fresh produce both here and in the UK and his employees are constantly on their mobiles, both taking and receiving calls.

The business therefore has extensive knowledge of the various mobile phone companies and these days swears by Vodaphone for coverage, pricing and after sales service.

Mind you such a volume of business means that customer care might well be of a much higher standard than for individual users, no matter what phone company is involved...:-)

  Stuartli 09:24 06 Dec 05

>>both here and in the UK >>

...should, of course, be: "...both here and abroad..."...:-)

  kspatto 11:21 06 Dec 05

thanks for all your help looks like I need to give this a bit more thought will have a close look at vodaphone and have a punt around the net see what a bit of reseach will ferret out


  SG Atlantis® 19:21 07 Dec 05

o2 seems best value for texters especially their on line tariffs.

  mirta 00:04 08 Dec 05

I am only a rank amateur...but I would vote heavily for vodaphone.


  Skills 00:05 08 Dec 05

Ive been on orange for a number of years and am quite happy

  anchor 15:14 08 Dec 05

I have been on Vodafone for about 13 years, and am quite satisfied.

  Freddog™ 10:50 27 Dec 05

And again O2!

  bremner 11:04 27 Dec 05

click here for advice and coverage maps

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