Which mobile?

  davecooper 16 Jul 09

I am looking for a mobile phone to replace my wifes old Nokia which has done good service for many years. It's a surprise present for her so I need to make sure it is something she will be happy with. She doesn't want anything flashy and is very unlikely to ever use mp3 or web functions. She wants a good looking slim phone that will last her for another few years. The model I keep coming back to is the Nokia 6300 in silver which at around £70 on PAYG seems like good value. It has the classic design she likes and has enough features to keep her happy for years to come. Are there any others out there at a similar price or less that I should consider? I am hoping to buy this from the Carphone Warehouse tomorrow.

  dagnammit 16 Jul 09

Get it in black.. looks much better and isn't prone to finger prints and scratching etc.

The only other phones I'd suggest are a bit more feature rich but if they aren't needed then what's the point but hey.... W395 is a recent release and a good girly phone is the F305 all at the same money as the 6300.

You might also be interested in the Mocha w890i it's solidly built, metal body, and has a much better feature set than any I have mentioned. It was top of the range about a year ago and can be had for £99. I bought my wife one and she loves it.

  davecooper 17 Jul 09

Thanks for that. I think I will stick with the 6300. I'll go for black. I have a 6500 Slide in silver and it's true, it does pick up scratches and fingermarks easily.

  buteman 30 Jul 09

Maybe get it from Carphone Warehouse usually their phones are unlocked for any network.

  buteman 30 Jul 09

Ive got the black one and the silver one.I prefer the silver one looks better.


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