Which is the best smartphone for me??

  laptopdunce 11:46 26 Aug 12

I have seen a Dutch Aldi android AT-AS43D2 Wolfgang dual simcard, simlock vrij, smartphone for only €179 (but I wont be able to buy it on 1st sept in Holland) I have two pre-pay sim cards for UK and NL, and this looks an ideal phone for me, I only use the free WiFi at airports and places with free Wifi, and only use the prepay simcards for minor phone and texts. Hence I want to buy a cheap smartphone that I can use on free WiFi places and keep my pre-paid sim card option (I will NO WAY buy a "package" with a monthly subscription) but would rather buy a relatively cheap but reliable handset that I can use my pre-paid sims in. this is a link to the Aldi Wolfgang smartphone:- http://www.attelecom.info/media/Snel%20Start%20Gids-Wolfgang-AT-AS43D2-Android-4.pdf I am wondering if this offer will be avaialable in the UK also? what do you think?? or which handset only deal would you recommend to me? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 11:57 26 Aug 12

http://www.attelecom.info/ PS this link above is to the Advanced Telecom site which bring this phone to the Aldi supermarket chain in Holland. Laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 12:51 27 Aug 12

Hi, that link is to a "tablet" I am really only looking for a dual sim card smart phone

  SandMulls 05:49 02 Sep 12

Lots of people do ask this question. :) it always depends on what you want. If you desire functionality, then look into the various features that the phone has, if you are more into aesthetics, then one look at the phones that you are thinking of will give you an idea which one is better. So basically, it's your choice. Personally, I prefer an iPhone. The one that you have linked to is quite okay, but if there's an iPhone there, I think it will be better.

  Sammyi 07:05 05 Sep 12

Have you considered tablet? I think it is also a good choice.

  laptopdunce 22:33 10 Sep 12

does a tablet also have a mobile phone in it? I thought they were just mini laptops without a SIM card for the phone? LAPTOPDUNCE

  G-telware 07:43 12 Sep 12

I think Galaxy Nexus is the best smartphone for you, The best Android phone to date, the Galaxy Nexus dazzles with its curved display, sleek design, fast performance, and, of course, the Ice Cream Sandwich update and only for $579.

  Ericwatson 05:02 27 Sep 12

In smartphones, I only like SGS3 with lots of features and latest updated software,having my own and very happy with it. :)

  G-telware 08:34 01 Oct 12

completely agree with Eric, UI also think that, Samsung Galaxy Nexus is better that other with Dual Sim adapter features.

  Jakeyatkin 16:20 07 Oct 12

It's mostly down to your personnel choice but there is only really the Samsung galaxy s3 and the iPhone. I have had a iPhone for the past two years and there very good but they bring a new one out every 6 months and it doesn't take long for yours to go out of date

  Shubhangi 13:23 25 Oct 12

depends upon your usability plus your budget

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