which is the best mobile phone for long lasting battery, good camera

  alibob1526 15 Jun 12

Which is the best mobile phone with a good quality camera,(5mgpixel or more), for long lasting battery life. The one I have now is only lasting about a day. I do not mind if it is new or second hand as long as it is below £100.

  kirkthebest 18 Jun 12

batteries always die quickly if your are using it. the i-phone is always a great chose. there are also various apps you can choose to increase the value of photo.

  manoj9585 20 Jun 12

According to my point of view iphone 4s has a great battery backup its standby battery upto 200 hrs.

  Lazarus The 2nd 20 Jun 12

Didn't think Spammers had a Point of View, Just an Agenda..

  Lazarus The 2nd 20 Jun 12
  aiato 26 Jun 12

i think all smart phones's batteries die fast. It is because you are using them alot. i have two smart phones. i use one of them alot and its battery dies at around 3~4pm already. so i have to carry a second battery for this phone. i don't use another phone at all but i charge it once in 2 days. both of them are good brands and new phones. I read a thread about Samsung galaxy 3 which says that its battery lasts until noon only. that is understandable since the phone is like mini laptop and people use it almost all the time.

  shizznet09 02 Jul 12

the new galaxy s3 is pretty great check it out

  harv57 02 Jul 12

I think it really depends on how frequently you use the phone throughout the day. I've heard great reviews on the Galaxy S3 and the Iphone 4S. But like all phones, the more you use them, the faster the battery dies.

  manunited619 03 Jul 12

Unless you don't use your phone at all (except for the camera) during the whole day, it'll be hard to find a phone with a battery that will last more than one day.

  manoj9585 06 Jul 12

iPhone is the best in long life battery.

  manoj9585 06 Jul 12

iPhone is the best in long life battery.


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