Which 35mm Slide Scanner

  Tonsie 28 Sep 09

Can anyone recommend a good 35mm slide scanner
for about £150.I've loads of slides and would
like to use them on Windows Photo Gallery.
I did try Ion Deluxe Film 2sd but the quality
was so so poor it was return to sender.
All advice would be welcome.

  jack 28 Sep 09

'Light in Lid' facility will do you for general works and digital slide shows and the like.
Epson [my choice] are particularly 'up' in this field for example
click here

  Tonsie 28 Sep 09

Many thanks jack
Would this Epson scanner be compatible with
Vista Home Premium

  jack 28 Sep 09

Tinsie asked
'Would this Epson scanner be compatible with
Vista Home Premium?'

Only Epson can answer that.

It is a driver issue
Likely answer is yes - but ask them

  Tonsie 28 Sep 09

Many thanks jack,
You've answered my question

  Woolwell 28 Sep 09

jack's link has a tab for drivers including Vista ones. My much older Epson scanner works with Vista. I don't know if you it comes with Vista drivers or whether you have to download them. Whatever it is important to follow the recommended installation order,

  Stuartli 29 Sep 09

Another Epson similar to jack's model, but cheaper:

click here

  Tonsie 29 Sep 09

Yes Stuartli
The V300 is what I will buy,and you are correct
it's cheaper,and the reviews much better.
Many thanks All

  jack 29 Sep 09

The model I selected was at random not a recommendation- simply to get you to the appropriate page
Anyhow I am sure you will have made the right choice

  Tonsie 06 Oct 09

UPDATE.I eventually bought the Epson v300 last week at our PC World for £78.Used it for the first
time today Brilliant.Once again many thanks all
for your advice.


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