What's the best -Memory cards for cameras

  pictureme 15 Nov 10

I am buying a Panasonic FZ45 and want to get a good class memory card. I have been told that a Class 10 is the best to use but i am not sure of what make is good, and the size maybe a 8gb one is was thinking of?

Anyone can tell me what is a good make/class and size to get.

  hssutton 15 Nov 10

I wouldn't worry too much about what class or make, or for that matter the read write spead. I'ts only the better cameras that reap any benefit from the "better" cards.

For the past few years I've been using Kingston Elite 133 cards. Never had a problem and they work perfectly well in my high end cameras.

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  donki 16 Nov 10

Also always buy from a reputable shop and NEVER buy memory of a well known auction site no matter how good the deal looks.

  BRYNIT 16 Nov 10

From the manual if you are going to use the camera for motion pictures you need a minimum class 6 SDHC card.

Although the brand is not so important some are difficult to determine the actual read/write speed of the cards.

Kingston and Sandisk are good brands as well as Panasonic but it depends on how much you want to pay for the card.

Always be carful where you purchase the card from.

At the risk of being accused, again, of commercial advertising, 7Day Shop have the largest selection and some may say the best prices, I wouldn't dare to comment.

  anchor 18 Nov 10

Here is one from 7dayshop; £7.89, including delivery; seems quite a good price.

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Class 10, 8gb SDHC


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