What is wrong with this TV?

  jack 24 Sep 09

I purchased last Friday a Phillips 19" LCD TV as a gift for one of my daughters.
Before passing it on I took it home and over the weekend set it up to ensure all was well- it was not.
Having tuned 90 odd digital channels and 5 terrestrial the APG put up a page of channels- instead of the regular BBC1 2 ITV 4 5 etc.,it displayed a random order of TV and music from all over.-
When I pressed for the next page it simply repeated the same page
So I took it back and the customer service people in John Lewis set it up and it did the same repeatedly.
They checked the display model- and it behaved as it should- I elected to take another brand and left them to it.
What do you folk think was wrong with it?

  Stuartli 24 Sep 09

There might have been a menu Logical Channels listing setting or Favourites inadvertently configured.

It's unusual though for the channels not to be listed in the correct order, although in the case of my PCI Freeview TV tuner, which I team up with ShowShifter, the setup configuration includes the means to enable Sort Channels by Number.

  jack 25 Sep 09

That some how I has set a something in inadvertently - though I was sure the thing went into 'Auto set-up[ I did nothing other plug in and switch on and stand back.

Ditto in the 'Service centre - try as they might the two guys working on it could not get it to perform as it should.
So a 'dud' chip? perhaps may be or even a 'wrong chip'-
I reasoned they way chips are made and boards are populated- it would almost certainly not be a 'one off'- Hence the change to another brand well away from the original -
Original- Phillips 'Branded' - assembled in Poland
Replaced with a Samsung.

  oresome 25 Sep 09

Philips is one L of a company!

  DieSse 26 Sep 09

"I reasoned they way chips are made and boards are populated- it would almost certainly not be a 'one off"

I wouldn't agree with that reasoning for two reasons

One - it's vanishingly unlikely that Philips will have on sale a TV with a specific problem affecting significant numbers of a particular set.

Two - I'd have thought a possible cause of the problem is corrupt firmware - remember most electronic devices theses days are controlled by firmware. Temporary issues are pretty common (eg unplug and plug back in, to reset the device) - so more permanent corruptions are also possible from time to time.

Still - another brand is your choice, whatever the issue.


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