What the hell?

  snowy30 00:53 23 Mar 07

Where did my websites get to in the drop down list of Explorer?

The computer tried to download Microsoft .NET framework - 2 downloads. As this was taking a long time with no progress I cancelled it, and I shouldnt think I will be needing them anyways, as it was most probably for the 3D (beta) imaging facilty of local.live.com which I downloaded (Microsoft's answer to Google Earth)

Anyways, I clicked on the drop down box at the top of Explorer to find the web addresses have all disappeared. Though they still remain in the 'history' bit.

How weird!

  anchor 13:02 23 Mar 07

I did download MS .NET framework yesterday, for the 3D beta of local.live.com

All went well, and I still have the addresses in the drop down list.

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