What cable do I need to connect a laptop to a TV?

  belcanto 31 Dec 10

Hi all,

I hope that someone can help..a freind of mine has beengiven a laptop in wehich the screen does not work properly. It was suggested to her that she attach the laptop to the TV and net surf that way until she can afford to get the laptop screen fixed.

As I understand it, her TV is an old fashioned CRT with both scart and s-video connecters. So can anyone let me know which cable would be most suitable for her to get


  Forum Editor 31 Dec 10

but check the connectors at both ends before getting the cable. Most laptops have a 7-pin connector, and some TVs only have a 4-pin.

  belcanto 31 Dec 10

Thanks for the prompt reply, all the ones i have seen on both Ebay and Amazon have been quite short. I dont think she wants to have to surf the net/write a word document while crouched next to the TV. Do you know if they do any s-video leads between 1.8 and 2.00 meters?


  ICF 31 Dec 10

Have a look at CPC click here

  belcanto 01 Jan 11

The tv has not got a VGA connector...btw once the cable has been set up how does she go about getting a picture of what's on the laptop to the tv? What channel does she need to be on?

Thanks for the help given so far

  Terry Brown 03 Jan 11

Depending on the laptop, you may have a key with a small screen on it, and on the side of the laptop an output for an external monitor.

This key is activated by a key combination, which will disable the internal monitor and activate an external one, see link click here.
This may help.

  belcanto 03 Jan 11

Thanks for the responses so far to my query, it occured to me last night that I should check as to wether the screen really is beyond the pale. It might just be a loose connection or maybe the inverter just needs replacing..will have a fiddle and poke and then get back with the results....


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