wanted a new phone contract ended up with bad customer service

  purplepig 19:32 20 Mar 13

Proper fed up of crap customer service, The latest one this week is Phones4U. They just dont seem to listen to what you want. It is almost like all they care about is selling you the contract and phone with the largest commision rather than the one you want or best suited for. Really wanted an O2 contract phone. It took me 30 minutes of chatting to a sales person (use that term loosely) before finding out they dont even do O2 contracts! AVOID!!!!

  Nontek 20:36 20 Mar 13

I am on my second contract with Carphone Warehouse, am happy with their service and products. Maybe you should give them a try.

  AroundAgain 21:02 20 Mar 13

Yes, I have to agree with Nontek. I'm on my 2nd contract with Carphone Warehouse too, in spite of shopping around. I've had nothing but excellent after-sales help, very friendly assistants, lots of knowledge etc.
Can't rate them high enough Good luck, Purplepig, sorry you've had a bad experience recently with that other company

  mart7 21:46 20 Mar 13

If you want an 02 contract look at 02 online ive been with 02 7yrs never had a problem and the contracts are cheaper online than in the shop They always give me a good deal because i always threaten to leave and go elsewhere when the contract comes to an end

  bremner 17:05 22 Mar 13

I had an absolute nightmare with Carphone Warehouse over billing during the entire length of my coontract and vowed never to step in their shops again. Then my son came home a few months later to say he had just signed a contract with CPW. I was concerned but when he praised the excellent service he had received in the shop I concluded that any company can improve.

How wrong I was, within a couple of months the phone stopped working and it took CPW months to sort, then they started billing him incorrectly, again they seemed incapable of sorting. In the end they agreed to cancel his contract without penalty.

Needless to say he now would not touch CPW with a barge pole either. Perhaps we were just unfortunate and they are now much better.

  hellowinter 21:19 25 Mar 13

Have you seen how much the contract is for the Iphone 5 on P4U?!?! No wonder they ain't shouting out about it in store... its nearly £500! They only offer it if you buy the handset and 'contract' of PAYG.

  bremner 09:00 27 Mar 13


The cost is comparable with the other suppliers, CPW is also £500

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