videos will not play

  ninky4 17:25 PM 05 Nov 11

I have a Toshiba HDD and dvd video cassette recorder, after the digital change over I got the hdd and the dvd working but the vcr will not play either the tapes I have recorded or many films I have, I can hear the tape running but no picture comes on the tv screen can anyone please tell me what to do as several of the tapes have very important things on I do not want to lose many thanks JeanDorna

  ICF 09:03 AM 06 Nov 11

What is the model number of the Toshiba unit?

Check the scart connections are plugged in correctly.

  ninky4 10:29 AM 06 Nov 11

The Toshiba is RD-XV48DTKB and can you tell me where the scart should be connected thanks for your help

  ICF 11:13 AM 06 Nov 11

Just to see if it's working connect the AV1 on the Toshiba to the TV using a scart lead

  ICF 11:16 AM 06 Nov 11

It also has a HDMI output which you could use to connect it to your tv

  ninky4 16:25 PM 06 Nov 11

I cannot thank you enough for your advice, connected a acart and it works fine, what would we do without people like you always willing to help, again many thanks all the best Jean


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