Video to PC

  taffjones 18:41 15 Jul 06

I have a Sony HC44E video camera with docking station which has both USB and DV-out connections. Which is the best way of 'uploading' to a computer? What do I need in my PC to use the DV-out connection - i.e. do I need extra hardware. My PC is a 900MHz AMD processor running Windows 2000 Pro with a 32Mb Graphics card and 380Mb (ish) of memory.

  ade.h 21:37 15 Jul 06

Just use the USB connection for a simple life. I assume it's USB2.0? Although your PC is plenty old enough to lack USB2, so your transfer rate is going to crawl along.
If by DV-out, you mean video-out, then a graphics card with video-in would be the obvious choice - strangely a bit hard to find unfortunately. click here

  taffjones 16:05 16 Jul 06

Many Thanks for the advice. I think I'll stick with the USB until I upgrade my computer in a couple of years.

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