video file format on phone

  DANZIG 15 Feb 10

I've got a g2 handset and the video camera on it, whilst being very good, appears to do the files in 3gp format. For some easing these won't play on my Vista laptop. Any reason for that or am I missing something?

  Strawballs 15 Feb 10

My phone records with MP4 and that would not work untill I installed Nero 8

  wolfie3000 16 Feb 10

This will help and doesn't require you to install nero.

click here

  DANZIG 16 Feb 10

Thanks, I'll give that a shot when I get home.

  DANZIG 16 Feb 10

Tried a few things from there. Can't seem to get anything to work - I'll give it a shot in the morning...

  John B 17 Feb 10

It seems to cope with most file formats.

  DANZIG 17 Feb 10

Just tried that VLC player. Either I'm doing something wrong or missing something really obvious. Nothing seems to work.

  John B 17 Feb 10
  John B 17 Feb 10


  DANZIG 17 Feb 10

I've tried all these programs suggested and installed them.

I go through the cnmversion process and all looks good. Then I try and play the damn thing in WMP and get the same error message appearing.


  DANZIG 13 Mar 10

Bizzarely, the videos work fine if I upload them straight to YouTube, which I worked out yesterday I can do directly from my phone. All is not lost then, and will save me a bit of hard disc space.


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