VHS tape to PC/DVD

  Rob Gibson 23 Apr 12


I'm looking for an easy to use, easy to connect package to allow my mother in law to save her old VHS tapes to her laptop and later burn to DVD.

I must emphasise the "easy" part!



  dms_05 23 Apr 12
  john bunyan 23 Apr 12

The easiest way would be to use a DVD/VHS combi. Hardly worth buying a new one but here is a used example for £45 if still about.DVD/VHS COMBI. Probably others on eBay

  Rob Gibson 23 Apr 12

Thanks for the suggestions.

A PC-based solution would be best as it offers the ability for editing out unwanted stuff, and stiching together short bits of footage.

  john bunyan 23 Apr 12

If you read dms_05's link and google the subject, there is a lot of software available.(Google VHS to DVD) If you have a good DVD recorder with an HD and burner you can do it and edit out gaps etc. Both My Pioneer and Panasonic DVD recorders will let you do this by connecting the VHS player by SCART to the aux input. Takes a long time and the final quality nothing like a new DVD.

  hath80 14 Jun 12

Well, you can simply google your question for solutions. When I did that, I found this tutorial useful: http://www.imatesoft.com/burn-dvd/convert-vhs-to-dvd.html

Good luck.

  kategrin611 02 Jul 12

DVD maker that can make the output keep in original quality.

source: http://goo.gl/iZep3

  Lazarus The 2nd 03 Jul 12

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